Melbourne CBD Premises with minutes walk from Melbourne Southern Cross Station & Tram

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Flexible option to hire from 1 day to 1 year

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Our Premises is located in Spencer Street in Melbourne CBD which is minutes walk from Melbourne Southern Cross Station and Tram stop. We have recently decorated our premises to a high standard and installed with all brand new furniture, Our facilities can be configured for both computer and presentation style layouts.

We have the following facilities in our premises

Meeting Room

for up to 10 delegates

Training Rooms

for up to 120 delegates

Conference and Seminar Room

for up to 40 delegates

Commercial Training Kitchen

for upto 22 students

Computer Lab

for up to 35 delegates

Examination Facility

for up to 40 delegates

Our well equipped premises have following facilities

  • Reception to meet & greet
  • Projectors & Screen
  • LCD Monitors in Meeting rooms
  • White boards & Stationery
  • Wifi Connectivity throughout
  • Examiner for oversee the Examinations
  • Telephone Facility
  • Break out area

We also provide complimentary tea or coffee to delegates.

Training Rooms Location

Commerical Kitchen Location

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The following terms and conditions are considered as ACCEPTED and entered into AGREEMENT by both parties at time of making a payment by the client and payment accepted by the provider.

The following terms and conditions shall apply to all events held at Melbourne City College Pty trading as Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA).


The management of Melbourne City College Australia reserves the right to impose any condition it considers reasonable or necessary to achieve the safe and proper use of Melbourne City College Australia property and its immediate surrounds. During any event where the management representative on site reasonably determines further action is required to ensure the safe and proper use of the property, the Hirer shall comply with any such direction.


All general enquiries can be made to Mr. Hari Bellomkonda on 433745128. To ensure the success of your event, the details of proposed activities, including numbers, the nature of the event, catering, parking, entertainment, timing, fees and charges must be discussed.


Full amount is required at least 2 weeks prior to the use of the facilities. If the usage is more than 1 month then the payment is required for each month in advance. After the payment is made, refund will not provided for any reason unless Melbourne City College Australia fails to provide the facilities.


Melbourne City College Australia staff will be present at reception all the time to ensure the safety of the property and its contents, and to ease access to facilities. Melbourne City College Australia may immediately terminate any training that has become disorderly.


Written confirmation from Melbourne City College Australia or any person authorized by it forms part of these terms and conditions.


The Hirer, by signing the Form of Indemnity at the foot of the Schedule of Property Hirer, hereby indemnifies Melbourne City College Australia and any of its employees, representatives, committees or volunteers in relation to any of its properties against all claims for which Melbourne City College Australia may become liable in respect of loss, damage or accident or injury to property or person caused or contributed to by the training or any act or failure to act of the Hirer, its staff or subcontractors or the Hirer’s failure to comply with its obligation under these conditions.


Any corporation or commercial client, on payment, must also provide evidence of a current Public Liability Insurance Policy with a cover for the specific Melbourne City College Australia property of not less than $10,000,000.


No music shall be placed or amplifying or public-address system used without prior written consent. Such consent may be given subject to specific conditions as to permissible noise levels and hours of operation and at all times shall comply with building requirements.


Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in Melbourne City College Australia. This is due to internal policy as an educational institution.


Explosives, fuel ammunition, firearms or flammable liquids or substances (including pyrotechnics) are not permitted to be brought onto any property. Where such consent is required due to the nature of the function, written consent must be obtained as part of the application approval.


Use of Melbourne City College Australia logo or any graphic representation thereof, in any format, in conjunction with this Schedule of Property Hire is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Melbourne City College Australia.


The Hirer must be responsible for enquiries/acceptance associated with the training as well as payments or registrations to attend.


If the conclusion of the training occurs after the time period specified, please inform to one of the staff at reception


Melbourne City College Australia does not permit any alterations or physical change to any part of the property including attaching by any means materials or substances to walls or floors except by specific written consent from Melbourne City College Australia or its representative.


The Hirer, at the Hirer’s cost and to the satisfaction of Melbourne City College Australia, undertakes to:

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